Jeff is currently the Head of Corporate Development at Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas. In this episode we chat about healthy habits to start ...View Details

Tony is the Founder and Chairman of Sedera Health, and joins John to talk about the strength of taking charge of personal responsibility, the importan...View Details

Meet the Founder & Chair of Healthsure and former Mayor of Belton, Texas, Barry Couch, as we delve into some key lessons many wish they had learne...View Details

Corey and John chat about everything from prioritizing life correctly, to keeping multiple balls in the air while also spinning plates, and surroundin...View Details

VP of Operations at Sedera Health and former Director at IAC, Emily also has a Game of Thrones claim to fame from working at HBO. We chat about the me...View Details

Meet Dan Casetta, chatting with us about being a lifelong learner and capturing life-lessons for the long haul. We get into the importance of caring a...View Details

What influences each of us in society? How can we discover our particular areas of influence? In this episode we enjoy a candid conversation about bei...View Details

Our first return guest, Slingshot Aerospace CEO David Godwin, an experienced entrepreneur and technologist, gets “ambushed” into an expedition about h...View Details

Jim Clishem, Chief Executive Officer at Rutherford & Associates, went from engineering electronics to engineering organizations. We chat about the...View Details

Meet David Altounian, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, MBA Director - The Bill Munday School of Business at St.Edward's University. Naturally we h...View Details

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