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Join John and Clint as they open up about the realities of discovering your purpose in life. John unfolds his framework for the discovery of this life...View Details

In today’s live radio show John and Clint delve into the role of leadership based on four key principles that need to be included in a leadership fram...View Details

Meet Richard Bagdonas, a modern day renaissance man. A mechanic and pilot early on in his career, Richard went on to become a technical consultant for...View Details

Listen in as John and Clint discuss the Role of a Leader and the areas that we need to balance in order to become a successful leader. Leadership is m...View Details

Applying the Golden Rule in Business - Listen in as Cole Harmonson, Co-Founder and CEO at Dare Capital Partners, shares his belief system and core val...View Details

In today’s Live Radio Show, John & Clint get into the dynamics of trust and keeping confidence. Here’s why it's important to maintain accountabili...View Details

Executive director of Catholic Cast Media, Leslie Rodriguez joins John & Clint to discuss how Catholic Link, an initiative of Catholic CAST Media,...View Details

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