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Ken Wisian Ph.D, Major General (retired), shares his insights and experience from ten years of active duty in the US Air Force, as a navigator/bombard...View Details

Join us for part 2 of our live radio show on how to have healthy discourse. John and Clint continue their discussion on the fundamental values of good...View Details

A taste of coaching! Today Kari Meredith joins John in a coaching session focusing on leadership isolation and human connection. Kari is the Co-Founde...View Details

Lean in to another episode from our live radio show as John and Clint discuss the importance of healthy discourse. We focus on why arguments need to b...View Details

Today we chat with the CEO of Mediatech Ventures, Paul O’Brien. With the thought that you can’t create a movement but you can inspire one, Paul discus...View Details

The 5 F’s to a Balanced Life - John explains the framework of the 5 facets of life that drive our relationships with others, and with ourselves. Get c...View Details

Listen in as former US Attorney for the Western District of Texas and top federal prosecutor, Johnny Sutton lets us behind the curtain of what it's li...View Details

These are certainly tumultuous times. In this radio episode John talks about being grounded in adversity, and some of the tools to help us do that. Di...View Details

Meet Rusty Shelton, Founder and Chairman of Zilker Media, strategist at AMG/Forbes Books, keynote speaker, and expert of online audience building. He’...View Details

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